Who are we?

Team of peopleWho are we?

Traveller satisfaction is a product of  Travel Quality Alliance

We accompany you with your product, your service or your company from the beginning of your campaign or project..
Starting with planning and researching the market, arranging strategic partners, service providers and experts to conduct selective online and offline research methods up to the regular controlling and the continuous fine-tuning of your service (staff training, establishment of customer service centers, mystery shopping, etc.)

Our goal is that you only need one contact for your product or service, namely us. This will save you a lot of time to coordinate various service providers to coordinate processes and to compare results.
Whether you are still at the very beginning with your product, your service or your company , want to take the next step towards growth or wish to optimize your existing business or realign it with the market – we are there to support you in all these areas.

With our continuous traveller satisfaction survey we are running one of the largest permanent travel monitoring tools in the market.

We have our headquarters in Spain, on the Balearic island of Mallorca, and work with a wide network of partners, e.g. in Germany, England, Switzerland and Ukraine.