Face to Face

Face-to-Face InterviewsWoman interviews man outside

If you are travelling a lot, you might have seen one of our interviewers already at an airport, train station or in a coach or metro, easily recocnizable by a PDA or tablet computer.

We are conducting face to face interviews especially at places where there is a need to interview a large amout of participants in a short time, if we are conducting a tracking study or if the interview needs to be immediately after the customer has visited a certain place (e.g. advertisment tracking, measurements of timing, etc) as well as if there is no further personal information available to conduct the interview by other means.

Thanks to modern technology all data is directly transmitted to our datacenters so timely reports can be created to adapt products or services nearly in real time.

Examples for Face-to-Face interviews:

  • Advertisment tracking at train stations
  • Time keeping at check-in desks or passport control points at airports
  • Customer satisfaction interviews („exit interviews“ in the retail / gastronomy sector)
  • Passenger interviews in coaches, trains and other means of public transport.